The Water and Power Development Authority is a government-owned public utility maintaining power and water in Pakistan, although it does not manage thermal power. (WAPDA) includes Tarbela and Mangla dams among its resources. Its headquarters are in Lahore.  Water And Power Development…

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WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority):

WAPDA jobs (Water and Power Development Authority) is a department in Pakistan. It handles maintenance of water and power generation. It does not regulate thermal power. WAPDA is a national institution. It regulates the production of electricity with the water which is known as hydro power. The process of development of water through the water is known as Hydro power.

WAPDA currently focus on the production of electricity with the help of water. There are two main dams present in Pakistan known as Tarbela and Mangla. These are the large dams present in the Pakistan.

Here electricity is generated with the help of water. Now the Government is also trying to create some new dams which are known as Diamer and Bhasha Dams.

Government of Pakistan is collecting funds to help create the new dams in the Country. These dams play a vital role in the progress of country. Water level in some provinces of Pakistan is low as compared to the other.

In Baluchistan the water level is lesser than the other provinces. To make sure the availability of water to everyone, dams are necessary.

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The main offices of WAPDA are in the Lahore; WAPDA was established in 1958 through an act of Parliament. The Authority of WAPDA consists of three members. These include Water, Power and Finance.

The main goal of WAPDA is to generate electricity with the help of use of water. It is a cheapest and efficient way of generating electricity.

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The main office of WAPDA is present in the city of Lahore, which functions as the House of the WAPDA. It is a building which is owned by the Government. It is one the prominent buildings of the government present at the Lahore’s Mall Road.

WAPDA jobs 2020 July is announced , every year. AS the posts of WAPDA are announced the test is taken by the Authority itself.

The vacancies of WAPDA include Assistant Manager, Constable, ASI and Sub Inspector. SDO, Bill distributor Inspector, Meter Reader, Computer Operator, are also posts of WAPDA.

WAPDA Jobs 2020 Punjab

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